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Institute of Applied Systems and Rural Development
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Promotion of Jatropha Plantation
Consultancy Services
Jatropha Consultancy India
A dedicated team of scientists are working exclusively on devising Jatropha Plantation techniques that can be readily implemented on the ground.
  • Establishment of Hi-tech Jatropha Nurseries for production of Quality Planting Materials ("QPM") for plantations.
  • Development of elite lines, varieties and hybrid for agro-economically important traits of Jatropha.
  • Jatropha seed treatment for faster establishment and to reduce the gestation period.
  • Better management of Jatropha Plantation through well designed Agronomic practices including:
-           Pre-transplantation, transplantation and post-transplantation practices
-           Plant protection practices and
-           Enhancing the productivity of the standing plantation
  • Better utilisation of key nutrients in plantations for harvesting higher seed yield with more oil content.
  • Tailoring ideal plant architecture to reduce the gestation period and to harvest the higher seed yield.
  • Physiological, biochemical and molecular aspects of drought stress responses of Jatropha plants.
  • Organising training Programs & Workshops for Panchayats, Farmers and Govt. Officials.
  • Development of integrated Jatropha Plant Protection Practices to reduce the yield losses due to infestation of biotic factors.
  • Identification of the weeds and Experienced Professional for Effective Weed Management in nurseries and plantations through:

-           Agronomic practices
-           Herbicides and
-           Integrated practices

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